Reich Industrie 500 DUO Teleskop


The Industry 500 is modified in such a way that the complete table is easy moving by means of stainless steel bearings.
Rolling table can be lifted aside for easy cleaning.
The rolling table is equipped with a front plate to enable operator a safe movement of the table and to cut the products fast,  efficient and safe.
The front plate can be turned by 270 degrees in order to lock the rolling table.
"CE"-certified and "GS"-approved (complies with European hygiene and safety regulations)
According the EEC safety regulations
Motor stops automatically when opening the doors or covers
Scraper of wheels installed and removable without tools
Band saw guide in table specially coated and removable without tools.
Gas damper always provides correct tension of blade.  
All parts rust-free.
Blade guided in the wheels, therefore cannot jump down from wheel. 
Safety magnet in hygienic design.
Large grip for ergonomic opening of doors


-The cutting height is reduced by approx. 50 mm compared to the industrial 500 standard machine.

- The table top forms the support for the Telescopic.

A stable guide unit is formed by corresponding pipes.

A 30 mm thick full-material stainless steel shaft is mounted on this guide unit.

- Through this the table is guided and can also be cleaned around this shaft    Turn or fold up. -In addition, two ball bearings each roll on this shaft  and 4 on the machine housing.
-Verstärkungen sind komplett mit dem Schiebetisch verschweißt.
-Der Handschutz des Schiebetisches kann abgeklappt werden,
 um so eine flache allseitig zugängliche Tischoberfläche zu erreichen.
-Mit abgeklapptem Handschutz kann der Schiebetisch nicht mehr
bewegt werden.
-Sonderabmessungen können gegen Aufpreis verwirklicht werden.

-Band durch Borde in Rädern geführt, dadurch kein   Herunterspringen möglich. 
-Selbsttragendes Edelstahlgehäuse
-Portionsanschlag abnehmbar ohne Werkzeug
-Maschinenaufbau ohne Verwendung von Silikon,   daher auch in der Zukunft absolut hygienisch.
-Elektronische verschleißfreie Motorbremse


Technical details:

Voltage                       : 230/400 V / 50 cycles
Power                          : 3,0 kW
Revolutions              : 1500/ min.
Dimensions table  : 880  x 900 mm
Height of table        : 950 mm
Cutting speed          : 40 m/sec
Width of cutting     : 480 mm
Height of cutting    : 445 mm
Saw blade                   : 3800 x 16 x 6 x 0.5 mm
Housing                       : Stainless steel   
Dimension                 : 880 x 1010 x 2000 mm
Netweight                 : 295 kg
Grossweight            : 310 kg on pallet