since 1983

Durability with perfection.


We do not compromise, not with our design and not with our materials.

 We place great emphasis on a friendly approach to the people who are involved with and on us.

This applies to our customers as well as our employees and suppliers.

 We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers, so we can ensure,
that the stainless steels and materials we process meet our high requirements.


The creativity of our employees is our greatest asset and guarantee for our success. 
A fair and friendly approach is indispensable for motivation and commitment.


We offer our customers a clear, sophisticated technology,
through details and use of precisely manufactured components.


We process materials such as stainless steel, PET plastics, POM and various bronze alloys

With our extensive range of band saws we offer for all meat processing companies

from the specialty butcher, meat distributors, meat packers, supermarkets to the industrial slaughterhouse,

the technology perfectly adapted to the respective application conditions.


The fish industry and the cheese factories also belong to our customers.


Development and production take place in Remshalden near Stuttgart in Germany.


At this location, compliance with the highest quality standards is made possible.

Reliability, ease of use and the implementation of the highest hygienic standards are the special features of the

REICH Band Saws.


Thanks to modular design, modern production methods and strict cost management

C.-E. Reich GmbH offers the best German engineering quality at a reasonable price.

 Competent consulting, comprehensive service offers and a fast supply of spare parts round off the service offer.

Benefit from our know-how.  


C.-E. Reich GmbH