Ready for a new generation


Cut everything from A to Z. 


From the stand the perfect cut.

From now on set new standards in the field of sawing with the Combi 200


The Combi 200 is ready when you are.


Discover a new dimension of band saws.

A dimension full of breathtaking possibilities and new ways,

We want to share our experiences and innovations with you.

A new era starts and you can be part of it right from the start.


We listened to you and are gone a brave step forward with the Combi 200.

We adapted shape and function even more closely

and technologies, which you will not want to miss soon

The Combi 200 is the band saw that speaks your language.


Straightforward and straight to the point.

That is why we have made the Combi 200 as safe as possible,

The material presser is not removable - so  almost every employee can work with the Combi 200.

However, please advise your employee and show him the dangers associated with working on a band saw.


The Combi 200 and mobile undercarriage.


Fits perfectly into your working environment.

This is what we mean by offering you an undercarriage as an option.

This creates flexibility. You can use the machine where you need it.


The bench with the 2 stainless steel castor and the 2 stainless steel steering castors with brake

makes the Combo 200 to a real jack-of-all-trades.


If you only think about cleaning the machine, you will recognize the advantages.


Go for it.



The description and the technical data:


Combi 200


-"CE"-certified and "GS"-approved
(complies with European hygiene and safety regulations.)
-According the EEC Safety regulations
-Motor stops automatically when opening
 the doors or covers.         
-With maintenance free electronic brake motor.
-Band saw guide in table specially coated. 
-Gas damper provides always correct tension
 of blade.                          
-All parts - also wheels - stainless steel.  
-Blade guided in the wheels, therefore can not    
 jump down from wheel. 
-By additional grooves the crossing of teeth
 will be not effected by the wheels.

-Self-carrying frame, strong table, wheels, waste
 bin, portion-gauge in stainless steel inoxydable.
-Safety magnets in hygienic design.
-Control device for safety switches.
-Easy to maintain contactor box with standard parts.
-Large grip for ergonomic opening of doors
Voltage                    : 230/400 V / 50 cycles
Connection load    : 1,1 kW
Revolutions             : 1500 / min.
Dimensions table   : 530 x 580 mm
Width of cutting     : 200 mm
Height of cutting    : 220 mm
Saw blade                 : 1750 x16 x 0.6 mm
Housing                    : Stainless steel   
Dimension                : 530 x 580 x 916 mm
Height of table         : 370 mm
Net weight                : 80 kg
Gross weight            : 90 kg on palett       
Seaworthy packed   : 150 kg in wooden case.