Reich Industry 500 HS


-"CE"-certified and "GS"-approved
(complies with European hygiene and safety regulations.)
-Motor stops automatically by opening    
 of the doors or covers.         
-With maintenance free electronic brake motor.
-Upper portion gauge adjustable in height.
-Wheels scrapers installed, removable without tools.
-Blade gauge in table specialy coated. 
-Blade gauge removable without tools.
-Gas damper provides always correct tension of blade.                          
-All parts rust free!
-Blade guided in the wheels, therefore can

  not jump down from wheel.

-The cutting height is reduced by approx. 40 mm compared to the industrial 500 standard machine.

- The table top forms the support for the Telescopic.

A stable guide unit is formed by corresponding pipes.


A 30 mm thick stainless steel shaft is mounted on this guide unit.

- Through this the table is guided and can also be cleaned by Turning or folding up around this shaft.

In addition, two ball bearings each roll on this shaft and 4 ball bearings on the machine housing.

Reinforcements are completely welded to the sliding table. 

-The hand protection of the sliding table can be folded down to achieve a flat surface accessible on all sides.   If the hand protection is tilted downwards the sliding table can not  be moved. This fulfills the safety requirements of EC.

-Specific dimensions can be realized at extra cost.

- Self-supporting stainless steel housing -Stop stop can be removed without tools   Machine construction without using silicone,    Therefore also absolutely hygienic in the future.

-Electronic wear-free motor brake

-mechanical brake motor optional.



-Switch monitoring center for safety magnets. -Security magnet in separate plastic housing

- large ergonomic handle for opening the doors.

- Stainless steel chip box  

-5 m connection cable with phase reversing plug  

- easy to maintain electrics  with standard components!  

For three-phase current: 230/400 V / 50 Hz.   Power consumption: 3,0 kW  

Speed: 1500 / min.  

Table dimensions: 880 x 900 mm  

Table height: 950 mm  

Cutting speed: approx. 40 meters / second   Cutting width: 480 mm  

Cutting height: approx. 445 mm  

Band length: 3800 x 16 x 6 x 0.5 mm  

Housing: stainless steel  

Outside dimensions: 880 x 1010 x 2000 mm   Net Weight: 295 kg  

Gross weight: 310 kg on pallet.