Because it is time for a truly

uncompromising band saw.


A band saw designed and manufactured by technical enthusiasts, all in close co-ordination with existing and future users.


A band saw, which combines fascinating simple technique, ground-breaking design and breakthrough innovation perfectly at the highest level.


It's time for the REICH PROFI 400.


The top-selling band saws from the REICH  band saw series.


 More quickly.  More secure.   More hygienic.


 With 30 meters per second, the Profi 400 is one of the fastest machines

in this size with a roll diameter of 400 mm.

With a 2.2 kW (on request 3 or 4 kW) strong three-phase motor which operates at approximately 1500 revolutions per minute.

This means that a specific saw tooth passes 10 times a second the same spot.

The work goes extremely quickly from the hand.

With a mechanical brake, the saw blade comes to a standstill within 2 seconds.

This is only half the time required by the professional safety association



Please touch.

Aesthetics, quality and usability are our driving forces,
and you can feel that with the Profi 400 immediately.
The case is cut from high quality stainless steel laser.
Most accurate bend  on a CNC controlled plate bending machines.
Professionally welded together.
Carefully blast by sand to clean the seams and eliminate the discoloration.
The machine housing, the doors and covers as well as the mounting parts
are sent out to the specialized company doing the final treatment with blown beads.  After the glass bead blasting, the machine housing and the add-on parts are once again treated in a large chamber with stainless steel balls.
The result is a compact band saw that convinces not only by its feel, but also by a remarkable solidity.
A distinctive REICH Profi 400! 


Remarkably solid.

Amazingly simple.

Take a look at the door lock.
This white plastic part to the left of the roll.
Due to its open contour  no dirt accumulates.
The part is kept by a stainless steel screw,
which cuts deeply into the plastic material.
This component is so insensitive and indestructible - that surprised even us..
And best of all, the door falls so to speak into the lock.
The door bolt slides into the recess of the plastic part. 
The two parts stand by themselves - if that was not intention ????
Let us take the pin - which protrudes above the housing.
This pin has a simple but important function.
The pin precisely positions the magnet in the door,
at which the magnet meets the magnetic switch.
And if the two meet exactly, then you can work and we also.
Such simple details make our mutual work so much easier.

Few handles for More controle


Take the tension lever - to the left.

Yes this one with the black ball on top of it.
If you take this to yourself and then still swinging downwards,
then the upper roller has moved downwards
and the saw blade is relaxed.
Now you can replace it or remove it for cleaning.
When the saw blade is resting on the rollers, s
wing the lever up again. Done.
The saw band is optimally tensioned.
To check whether the saw blade is also in the track,
You may rotate the upper wheel by hand and observe
how the saw band is positioned.
 If the blade runs 1-2 mm from the rear edge everything is fine.
Now,  the saw band is perfectly adjusted.                       

The basic data and more 


Reich Profi 400


-"CE"-certified and "GS"-approved
(complies with European hygiene and safety regulations.)
-Motor stops automatically when opening
 the doors or covers.         
-with continuous welded strong table plate
 to the machine housing.
-With maintenance free electronic brake motor.
-Scraper of wheels installed and removable
 without tools
-Band saw guide in table specially coated and
 removable without tools.
-Gas damper provides always correct tension
 of blade.                          
-All parts rust-free.
-Blade guided in the wheels, therefore cannot    
 jump down from wheel. 
-By additional grooves the crossing of teeth
 will be not affected by the wheels.
-Self-carrying frame, strong table, wheels, waste
 bin, portion-gauge in stainless steel inoxydable .





-Safety magnet in hygienic design.
-Control device for safety switches.
-Easy to maintain contactor box with standard parts.
-Large grip for ergonomic opening of doors
Technical details:
Voltage           : 220/380 V / 50 cycles
Power             : 2,2 kW
Revolutions       : 1500/ min.
Dimensions table  : 820  x 810 mm
Height of table   : 900 mm
Width of cutting  : 380 mm
Height of cutting : 445 mm
Saw blade         : 3204 x 16 x 0.6 mm
Housing           : Stainless steel   
Dimension         : 820 x 810 x 1824 mm
Height of table   : 900 mm
Net weight         : 220 kg
Gross weight       : 235 kg on pallet
Seaworthy packed  : 300 kg on plastic pallet.
Shipping dimension : 800 x 1200 x 2000 mm
Bruttogewicht   : 280 kg auf Palette.

The following pictures show the Reich Profi 400 with optional accessories:

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REICH Bandsaw Profi 400 , 2.2 kW,

400 mm Diameter of wheel

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Saw blade Ultra, 3.204 x 16 x 0,6 B 6

Sägeband, Ultra, 3.204 x 16 x 0,6 B 6

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