Welcome to the "EMPIRE" of meat and bone cutting band saws.


For professional meat, fish and cheese processors

our band saws are all over the world in action.


Made im "Ländle" -Made in Germany - Made for the World - Made for You.

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The demand for indestructible and powerful band saws is answered 

with a specially designed product line from C.-E. Reich GmbH.


The cost-conscious, performance-oriented and professional food processor

raises the challenge of using a robust, long-lasting and easy to maintain band saw.  

REICH band saws meet these requirements anew every day.  

Because nothing is more expensive for every user than a machine stop.


The constructive maxim is therefore:  



With fine gradation on different machines we can meet every requirement.  

So you are not spoiled for choice.

But you can exactly meet the criteria you have defined with a REICH band saws.


And if you have a special requirement - we adapt the machine to your requirements. 


Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


Durability through perfection.

Combi 200
Combi 200 with bench