Universal 300

Profi 400

Profi 400 HD



Half side of table as roller bearing supported table designed.
-"CE"-certified and "GS"-approved
(complies with European hygiene and safety regulations.)
-Motor stops automatically when opening
 the doors or covers.         
-with continuous welded strong table plate
 to the machine housing.
-With maintenance free electronic brake motor.
-Scraper of wheels installed and removable
 without tools
-Band saw guide in table specially coated and
 removable without tools.
-Gas damper provides always correct tension
 of blade.                          
-All parts rustfree.

-Stainless steel ball bearings allow a easy movement of the
-the Profi 400 is modified in such a way that the left
 section of the table is cut off and the machine housing
 is lowered by approx. 30 mm. This allows to install the
 rolling table attachment and to achieve the same level
 of surface between rolling and firm table sections.
-the section of fixed table is continuously welded to
 housing to get the machine housing 100 % waterproof.
-Rolling table can be turned by 270 degree
 for easy cleaning.
-the rolling table is equipped with a front plate to
 enable operator a safe movement of the table and the
 goods to be cut.
-the front plate can be turned by 270 degrees once the
 rolling table is locked.

-OPTION: by adding a second plate behind the rolling table a
 smooth fixed surface of table can be achieved.
 By use of this feature the machine can be used as
 a standard saw with fixed table.

-Blade guided in the wheels, therefore cannot    
 jump down from wheel. 
-By additional grooves the crossing of teeth
 will be not affected by the wheels.
-Self-carrying frame, strong table, wheels, waste
 bin, portion-gauge in stainless steel in-oxydable.
-Safety magnet in hygienic design.
-Control device for safety switches.
-Easy to maintain contactor box with standard parts.
-Large grip for ergonomic opening of doors
Technical details:
Voltage               : 230/400 V / 50 cycles
Power                 : 2,2 kW
Revolutions        : 1500/ min.
Dimensions table overall: 890  x 810/600 mm
Dimension of sliding table: L=660 x W 374 mm
Cross distance to Saw blade: 400 mm
Longitudinal distance to saw blade: 600 mm
Height of table   : 900 mm
Width of cutting  : 380 mm
Height of cutting : 400 mm
Saw blade          : 3204 x 16 x 0.6 mm
Housing              : Stainless steel   
Dimension          : 890 x 810/600 x 1824 mm
Height of table    : 900 mm
Net weight           : 320 kg
Gross weight       : 350 kg on pallet