Much more than a band saw


We are discovering a new dimension for band saws.

A dimension full of breathtaking possibilities and new ways.

We want to share our experiences and innovations with you.

A new era starts and you can be part of it right from the start.



The design of the Universal 300 does not compromise.

The result is a unique user experience full of new and enhanced

features in a seamlessly elegant design.

It is simply beautiful to have them and a joy to use them.

Since we know how much time you are going to spend with a Universal 300,

we have put everything to ensure the highest level of practicality

coupled with a timeless pleasing design



Comfortable grip - for your safety.


Working with the Universal 300 is a pleasure.

That is why we have done everything to make your work easier.

But also to make working with the Universal 300 safer.


We have spend a lot of time in the development of technical and safety-relevant aspects. Therefore, you can work with the Universal 300 safely when you adjust the Upper sheet guide according to the size of product and whenever possible use the safety cutter (material presser).  

This means that most products can be safely cut.

It is best not to take off the safety cutter.  

Perhaps it will take some time to get used to, but soon you will not want to miss the security cutter.



Cattle bones and pigs' axes


The heading is program - there is nothing what the the Universal 300 would not cut. 

The name "Universal 300" is program.


No matter whether frozen meat, beef sausage with bones,

veal shanks, leg slices or Cutlet, meat or fish.


 Powerful equipment


The 1.5 kW three-phase motor has enough power reserves

to work for unlimited hours.

Thanks to the three-phase motor operating with high energy efficiency the costs are little.

This is very environmentally friendly and at the same time very economical.  

Enjoy the amazing speedy work.    

Pause is a unkown word for the Universal 300.


Description at a glance




- "CE" -certified and "GS" -valuated

- complies with accident prevention regulations

- detachable safety feed (material press)

- separated saw blade in the operating area  

- automatic shutdown and stop of the machine upon opening the doors.

- solid welded table for better cleaning

- stable table with hygienically designed reinforcements

- Safe, in height adjustable blade guide  

- built-in wheel wipers

- exchangeable without tools

- Saw band guide high wear resistant and with best gliding properties.

- For easy cleaning to be pulled from holder without need of any tools

- Saw band wiper made of highly wear resistant plastic

- Simply pull it from the holder for cleaning!

- Gas spring tension of the saw blade, thereby always correct belt tension.   -All parts stainless.    



Illustration with optional sliding table

-Saw blade protected by rims on wheels, for that reason the saw blade

  can not run off the wheel.

- Self-supporting stainless steel housing  

- Stop stop can be removed without tools  

- Machine construction without using silicone, that´s  why it will be

   absolutely hygienic in the future.

-Electronic wear free motor brake

-Switch monitoring center for safety magnets.

- Safety magnets in hygienic design.

- large ergonomic handle for opening the doors.

- 5 m connection cable  

- easy to maintain electrics by any educated electrician.

- with electric standard components!  

- Three-phase current: 230/400 V / 50 Hz.  

- Power : 1,5 kW  

- Speed: 1500 / min.  

- Table dimensions: 770 x 710 mm  

- Table height: 900 mm  

- Cutting width: 280 mm  

- Cutting height: 345 mm  

- Band length: 2490 mm  

- Housing: stainless steel  

- Outer mass: 710 x 770 x 1690 mm  

- Net weight: 160 kg  

- Gross weight: 180 kg on pallet.

Unlimited possibilities of adjustments and extensions.

Completely adaptable to your needs.

Minimalistic design.

Where nothing is, nothing can be broken.

The material presser is attachable.

Some customers prefer to have it in an none removable design. Safety first..

Everywhere smooth functional surfaces.

On knee-height "Emergency" button.

With presence monitoring ...

Roller track consisting of 2 tracks

Very solid mounted.

When leaving the machine,

the machine is automatically switched off.

No ball bearings required.
Rolls are made from one solid piece of plastic. Absolutely hygienic.

Sliding table with additional support for the cut-off piece and a motion linked portion stop.

Roller conveyor removable for cleaning. Machine can also be without roller track Can be used.